Rushin' D Man Adult Hat

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It’s your first year of junior and the first time you will be moving away from home. That means leaving family and friends behind and building a new family of twenty brothers that you will go to war with for the next six months. You’ve been tracking the teams’ signings on social media and all the chatter surrounds the big Russian D-man who can wheel it. When you walk into the room to introduce yourself to the boys, sure enough he’s the guy you lock eyes with first. He stands up and as he towers over you, he leans over, and in a thick Russian accent he says “Hey, I’m Igor, but you can call me Karvalegov”. Just like that, you know you’ve got a guy back there that no one in the league is gonna mess with.

  • Adult 5 Panel Cap
  • 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
  • Contrast Pattern Front Panel
  • Cotton Patch with Embroidery