Cubbies Dumble Elephant HTV

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Pricing here is for a blank one - if you would like a custom decorated one, please enquire!  Add $10

  • Cubbies are handmade, high quality toys designed to create adventure.
  • With so many designs for you to choose from, you can select the best suit for your child's characteristic.
  • Once you have chosen the perfect Cubby for you, and the design you would like, we then make them truly unique by embroidering your child's name on each one.
  • Each and every Cubby is made for maximum safety, durability and wash-ability
  • Cubbies have removable stuffing pods making them easily cleaned after every adventure.
  • Each Cubbies embroidered eyes and mouth, is fully tested and certified and approved for all ages. (The small zip on the back means we recommend 18 Months+)